Tuesday, July 10, 2012

July 4th Finds

Since Dave and I both had July 4th off, and because it was a holiday, we partook in some thrifting before heading to a friend's house to celebrate Independence Day.  We first stopped by the Goodwill and Antique Mall in La Mesa, but surprisingly left empty handed.  We are getting pickier in our thrifting finds.  We then moved onto AmVets  and McAllister Thrift in El Cajon and found some fantastic finds.  Here are the goods.

My first find and purchase for the day was from AmVets and is not vintage but is something I have been looking for a while now.  I have been wanting to add a good pair of black leather cowboy boots to my wardrobe for some time and was thrilled to find these Tony Lama boots for just $13. I found the exact same pair selling for $179 online.  They are a slightly bigger size then I wear but I can easily solve that by wearing thicker socks and maybe stuffing the feet of the boots with some tissue.  I cannot wait to wear them!

This is a diet cook book Dave spotted at McAllister Thrift.  It's from the 1950's and had this hilarious cartoon at the front of the book.  Being a big girl myself I could definitely find the humor in it!

I was thrilled to find when I got home that the blue gingham dress fits me like a T even though it was marked as being a size or two smaller than I usually wear.  I tried it on with a crinoline slip and red belt and viola; I had an fantastic match!  If I didn't already have my July 4th outfit picked out I would have surely worn that. 

I know I had seen this next item at the store before but hadn't realized what it was or how special it is.  It's a hand made swim robe from the 50's.  I believe this is a men's robe but that won't stop me from sporting it.  It has a terry cloth lining and label that reads "Specially Fashioned by Demetrius".  How could I possibly pass on the red, white, and blue anchor pattern any how!

The mid-century style table was the first thing Dave spotted when we walked up to the store.  It was priced at $10 which is already a deal but we bought it for $5 as everything was marked off 50% store wide for the holiday.  I am using it as my tiki mug display overflow at the moment.

Dave also spotted this NOS yellow hairband from the 60's.  I love the label alone!

The tiki mugs were the jackpot find for the day.  There were about 20 or so tiki mugs on sale all from Harvey's in Lake Tahoe.  I purchased 10 of the 20 having bought the ones that only had the artists name inscribed on the bottom of the mugs.  I have passed out 8 of them to friends and kept a pair for myself.  I was kicking myself later as I should have bought them all.  The remaining mugs would have been perfect for our room party mugs at Tiki Oasis in August.  We went back a few days ago and they were long gone.  I'm grateful I was able to buy the 10 that I did and share the tiki love.

I had a fantastic weekend with my friend Natalie, visiting the Queen Mary to attend the Diana Legacy exhibit and do some vintage shopping on Cherry and 4th street.  Keep posted for the blog later in the week.

Till' next time,



  1. Those mugs are awesome! Thank you for grabbing me a pair they are already displayed on my Tiki Mug wall <3

  2. The mug on the right is not a Harvey's bucket..does it say Hawaii Ho???

    1. It does, what does that mean? Sorry, will be the first to admit I'm not tiki mug informed. :)