Friday, July 13, 2012

The Princess and the Thrift Stores

Last weekend I ventured up to Long Beach with my friend Natalie to check out the Diana Legacy exhibit on the Queen Mary located in Long Beach.  They had many wonderful items on display and it was even more special to view the exhibit on the piece of history itself being the Queen Mary.  Besides having six Diana dress on display, they had wedding gifts to Charles and Diana, letters written by Diana (including some very funny risque birthday cards hand picked by her for her staff), two of Diana's tiaras, sketches for her dressing planning, 4 Kate Middleton dresses, a negligee and many needlepoint pug pillows that once belonged to Wallis Simpson, and many many more.  We were not permitted to take pictures of the exhibit and I unfortunately did not get any pictures of Natalie and I outside of the exhibit (I need to get better at pulling my camera out).  So the only evidence I have that I went are these two souvenir cards I purchased.

After taking in the exhibit we then proceeded to the Long Beach Cafe' for a late lunch.  Dave took me here for Ink-n-Iron.  I recommend it if you are ever in the area as they have a great diner atmosphere and their menu is huge!  Any restaurant that serves breakfast all day is a big thumbs up in my books!  After lunch we drove a few blocks up to the vintage store district (Cherry and 4th street to be exact) to visit a couple shops in the area. 

They had some amazing stores!  I loved the displays in the store called "Meow" (not to mention the cute store name).  The dressing room doors were too cute! Aqua blue and pink vintage refrigerator doors.  Such a good idea!

I find that I love the thrill of the hunt and I find I get more joy in shopping thrift stores then I do shopping at vintage stores.  I did however find a deco set of salt and pepper shakers that Dave had eyed in an Orange antique store a few months back.  It was a good price and he was plenty grateful for my purchase.  I thought the store with the best priced items was The Feed Store.  I purchased a glove box, anchor hocking mug, and teak pineapple salt and pepper shakers all under $25.  After talking to the shop clerks they informed us that all of the store's contents were donated!  That's why they were able to stay cheaper than their vintage store neighbors.  Don't pass this store up if you are in the area.

6pm (closing time) rolled around quickly and we decided to hit up the local Good Will that was open until 8p.  I found some great dresses and some excellent glasses (50's or 60's) to add to my ever growing dishware collection.  I need to buy a new camera soon as these pictures do not capture how cute the dresses are in person.  The beige dress has a union label in it and still had the price tag from the previous store it came from intact.  It was originally sold from The Vintage Vault for $89.  It's funny as there it was marked "FIRM".  Well, I bought it at Good Will for $7.99!!!  Firm my arse :)  It fits me like a glove and I'm excited to wear it someday soon, however it is a very delicate piece and will be saved for very special occasions.

My favorite item from the weekend is actually this lovely hair piece that my friend Natalie made for me.  I got to pick out the beautiful vintage jewelry from her amazing stash to add to the piece.  Can't wait to wear it.

I'm currently hosting family that are in town for my sister's wedding and have been super busy showing them San Diego.  Last night my parents Dave and I had dinner at Dublin Square to watch one of my favorite local Irish rock groups The Fooks.  We stumbled upon The Stilettos on our way back to my apartment.  My parents had a blast and my dad loved seeing a rockabilly band live.  So many more fun plans ahead for the rest of the weekend and Jack of Clubs at Barona is fast approaching just two weeks out.  What am I going to wear?!

Till' next time,



  1. That weekend was a blast & I can not wait to do it again! The Feed Store is a place to not pass up. I need more Vintage gloves from there.

  2. That beige dress looks amazing! going through your closet next time im over :)