Tuesday, July 31, 2012

King of Clubs at Barona

I spent this last Saturday with Dave's car club, The Helldivers, soaking up the hot hot sun in Barona for the King of Clubs car show.  It was a hot day but nothing like the heat I've endured summer after summer living in the central valley of California.

We arrived there around 11:45a, just in time for the mini motorcycle race in which Dave was competing.  I almost made him late taking the picture above, my bad.

Unfortunately he lost twice, but did win the last race.....against himself! :)  I think his top speed was 30mph.  Below are the cars represented by the Helldivers.  They just recently finished putting together James' hot rod (silver) earlier this year.  Very impressive hunk of metal!

James' 29' Ford.

Jimmy's 51' Ford.

Guy's 53' Chevy truck.

James was the only one that raced his car that day.  Below are some pictures from his race.  The pin-ups just happened to line up right as he was approaching the starting line.

I had such a blast with the crew and look forward to getting together again soon.  More blogs to follow soon.  Unfortunately I was lazy with my camera and didn't get a group shot or any pictures of Dave and I throughout the day.  Below is a picture we all took at a beach bonfire BBQ we had in early July. 

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