Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Clearman's North Woods Inn (La Mirada)

Last month, word got out that a Tiki restaurant, Bahooka located in Rosemead, CA, was closing it's doors after more than 50 years in business.  I honestly had never heard of the restaurant before the mention of it closing but knew I would have to take some time and plan a quick trip up north to check it out.  Unfortunately I didn't do hardly enough planning as to what was needed.  After a very frustrating three hour drive, Dave and I arrived at the restaurant only to find that there was a four hour wait (it was already 7:30p) and they wouldn't be taking reservations for the remainder of the evening.  We took a quick peek around, turned around and decided to revert to a newly devised plan.

We always pass by this snow topped restaurant when ever we are headed North on the 5 Freeway.  Either Dave or I always comment on how we "need to check that place out sometime".  Well this was clear opportunity to check it out.  The restaurant is called Clearman's North Woods Inn and is located in La Mirada.  I already loved the exterior design as my parents live in a log cabin styled house and it reminds me of home.

We walked into the restaurant and were both in awe of the decor.  There was a mixture of Tiffany styled lamps, stuffed animals, and nudie paintings.  Due to our previous experience we were hoping for a less busy atmosphere to eat in as now we were starving!!

We opted to sit in the bar/waiting area.  There was a gentleman playing some jazz piano and I'm always a fan of live music.  They offer a bar menu that is separate from their steakhouse menu.  There were plenty of great options to choose from.  We started out with two drinks and snacked on the complimentary peanuts which you are encouraged to toss the shells on the ground.  We had great service and the staff was very friendly.  I thought their saloon styled uniforms were a nice touch.  I personally think personalized uniforms make a world of different as opposed to a company named smacked on the corner of  a t-shirt worn with jeans.  It just adds a finishing touch to the atmosphere.  Sadly I was too shy that evening to ask to take a picture to share with you.

There is actually a second half to this story.  The following Monday, after our trip up north, I woke up to find that Mr. Tiny of Wacky Tacky had done a blog on a restaurant located in Covina, CA of the same franchise.  Come to find out he and his sister Mary were actually at the restaurant the exact same night Dave and I were there, just at a different location.  It turns out they then headed to the Bahooka to meet up with friends that had been waiting for four and a half hours for a seat.  We in a sense then crossed paths that night. Smart minds think alike!
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  1. Thanks for the link!!! I'm getting hungry for NWI; I think it's time for another trip!