Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Enchantment Under the Sea Dance

Last month Dave, I and friends attended the 3rd Saturday Parlour Parties gathering featuring Lil' Mo and the Dynaflos.  I caught them preforming at the Grand National Roadster Show last year and have ever since been meaning to see them again.  They mentioned it had been a while since they had performed in San Diego so I knew this wasn't a show I wanted to miss. There is a blog about them by New Rockabilly here.  This month's event was actually a themed birthday celebration for Isela who is one of the organizer for this awesome monthly gathering.  Be sure to check out their facebook page here.  The theme of the night was "Enchantment Under the Sea".  Again I knew I wasn't missing this event being that I'm such a fan of the movie "Back to the Future".

There were many many great dancers on the floor all evening.  Made me remind Dave once again how important it is for him to teach me as soon as possible how to east coast swing dance.

Me and my lovely friend Lindsay.

Lil Mo and the Dynaflos joined by our friend Jonny of Jonny B and the Avenues.

Jonny and Dave.

Dave and I.

This is Elisa.  She hand made this remake of the coral gown that the character Lorraine wears to the dance in "Back to the Future".  She did an amazing job!  I loved that she had the costume so detailed even wearing baby's breath flowers in her hair.  She even had this cute hologram picture that Marty carrys throughout the film of his siblings that slowly starts to fade away as time is being changed. She said I was the only one that caught the reference of the dress.  Yes, I'm that kind of movie nerd.


This unfortunately was the best picture I could get of "Doc".


I bought my dress months ago at a thrift store (of course).  It's actually a 70's dress but I thought the moon print was appropriate for a 1950's themed dance.  This is Dave and I dancing to "Earth Angel".  The band played a few of the songs from the movie.  They played the saxaphone song you hear when they first show the dance in the movie, Earth Angel, and of course Johnny B. Goode.

Our prom picture!

Till' Next Time,


  1. How exciting for the theme!!! I am soooo jealous!

  2. You and the future hubby look great! I honestly wish my prom had been like this instead of all crowded and boring.

  3. This looks like it was so much fun!! And you and your guy look dapper and adorable!


  4. Thank you ladies!! We had a blast! I honestly love any event that gives me an excuse to get dolled up. :)