Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Wagon Wheel

A few weeks back I was having some strong cravings for one of my many favorite desserts.....peanut butter chocolate pie.  Where can you buy this incredible pie??  You, my good friend, will need to travel to Escondido, CA and visit The Wagon Wheel to get your fix on.  If you are nuts and peanut butter chocolate pie is not your cup of tea, they have many other choices to choose from.

Dave and I discovered this fine restaurant while thrifting in Escondido sometime during the summer.  The restaurant has been in business since 1953.  It's packed with western themed flare including a life sized cutout of world famous cowboy John Wayne.  They serve breakfast all day, which is always a huge plus as I'm known to have brinner (breakfast for dinner) frequently.

So good!!!

Be sure to check it out for yourself, have a slice of pie with a side of excellent customer service!
Till' Next Time,
P.S.  I had thought about organizing a meet up for bloggers at VIVA. Is anyone one else interested in meeting up?  Dave and I plan on going to Frankie's Tiki Room in the afternoon on Sunday.  That may be a good opportunity to do it.  I'm completely open to other suggestions.


  1. That is such a neat place! I wish I were still in So Cal. I love having breakfast for dinner. My hubby thinks I'm weird. Whatever. He knew what he was getting into when we got married.

    I wish I were going to Viva. I would totally love to meet up. Hopefully I'll be able to go next year.

  2. Love the wagon wheel! Our pal took us there when we were thrifting one day - great shops down that way!!!

  3. Peanut butter chocolate pie? Be still my heart...no, stomach :P
    I am addicted to peanut butter cups and am working through two 8 packs, this chocolate peanut butter pie would go down a treat :D

    I LOVE your cherry polkadot Stop Staring dress, saw it on Modcloth a few days ago and loved it :D