Thursday, May 14, 2015

Los Angeles May 2015 Trip

A few weeks ago Dave and I flew to Los Angeles, California to attend our friend Mike and Angie's wedding (See previous blog).  We arrived at LAX airport late at night.  It was a nice homecoming as it gave us a chance to visit friends and family that we have been missing since our move to Oregon.

On Friday we drove to Los Feliz, had brunch at a very cute cafe called Home. Check out their website here.  It was definitely worth it with great customer service and yummy food.  After we finished our delicious brunch we headed just across the street to the salon where I had a haircut and style scheduled with my friend and fellow blogger Missy (Technicolor Cutie).   

Missy did an amazing job on my noggin and I highly recommend her!  If you are interested in scheduling her for your next hair appointment you can schedule an appointment online here!

After my hair appointment with Missy we then ventured onto Huntington Beach where we would be meeting friends from San Diego at Don the Beachcomber for a mini reunion.  We first stopped in at Hula Girls Shave Ice where I promptly got my dole whip craving satisfied!  You have to check out Hula Girls Shave Ice if you are ever in Huntington Beach.  We actually bumped into the owner's husband Jason and had a nice chat and he showed us some ohana love by giving us a pint of dole whip to share with our friend's.  Check them out online here

We arrived at Don the Beachcomber and the fun night began!

It was bittersweet to see everyone knowing that this would be a short visit but I'm glad everyone that came was able to put aside some time to visit with us while we were in the area.  Here I am with the lovely Vanessa.

Dave and his brother from another mother Jonny B!

My cousin Jill and I.

Me and my thrift sister Rosalynn.

Eleanora and I!

Dave, Ivan and Eleanora!

Dave, Jonny and Vanessa.

I was excited that my Uncle Don and Aunt Carla were able to come as well as I hadn't seen them since the wedding.  We decided that our visit was too short and that brunch on Sunday would need to happen.

Dave got peer pressured to go on stage and play the tambourine as part of his "birthday boy" duties. He actually celebrated his 30th birthday a few weeks prior but we considered this a belated birthday gathering as well.

Sunday was our last day in Los Angeles.  We spent the day with Dave's Mom Ana and her fiance' Rob.  We found out that they set their wedding date so we will be back in Los Angeles a few months from now for their wedding!  We had booked our flight home later in the evening so we were able to enjoy most the day with them.  Here are Ana and I on a morning walk to brunch.

Dave and his mom Ana.

Ana and Rob.

My Uncle Don and Aunt Carla joined us for brunch as well. In fact it was my Uncle's suggestion that we have brunch at this specific restaurant; Casablanca Restaurant.

This Mexican restaurant has been in business for more than 30 years.  The restaurant is filled with movie posters and movie memorabilia related to the 1942 film "Casablanca".  There was even a wax Humphrey Bogart statue!

They have amazingly good handmade tortillas!!!  They were so good and came with an equally good green salsa that had cilantro, cheese, and avocado.  That alone will bring me back.  Their brunch menu was very affordable and came with not only your main dish but with your choice of bottomless bloody mary's, sangria, or mimosa's!  And to finish the meal off you also received flan for dessert.

We are excited to return for Ana and Rob's wedding!  We of course did some vintage and thrift shopping while we were there.  I will be sharing my finds in a separate blog which you can look for next week.

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