Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thrift Blog: April-May 2015

It has been a long time since I have typed up a thrift blog as I have been sharing a majority of my vintage finds on my Instagram page (thesweetiesuz).  I had some luck this last month and thought these pieces deserved a blog.

I found this brocade gold and black wiggle dress at a local thrift shop.  I think I paid four dollars for it.  The dress is still on the small side for what I currently fit into but I am working on that.  I'm already three inches down and plan to drop more!

Dave and I of course went thrift hunting while we were in Los Angeles earlier this month.  I had the great fortune of finding this beautiful navy blue rayon 1940's dress at an Goodwill shop in Long Beach, CA for four dollars!  I can't believe the condition of this dress!  There are no holes, no signs of aging, the seams are still strong, and the beads are all intact! It fits but I'm reserving this for very special occasions due to its age.

The label on the dress reads as "Matinee Original".  I did some research online but didn't come up with any helpful information.  If you know anything about this brand please do share!

We went to a friend's wedding in Eagle Rock, CA, while we were in Los Angeles, and had a little over an hour to spare before we had to be at the wedding venue.  We went thrift store shopping of course!  I found this beautiful vintage silk kimono jacket which was marked down to two dollars.

My good fortune continued at the same shop when I stumbled across this vintage quilted lounge coat from Evelyn Pearson.  I just love the color!

The last item I picked up at the same shop in Eagle Rock was this beautiful pink and purple bermuda style handbag for $2.00. I just loved the stitching details.  I believe it is handmade as there is no label or trace of a prior existing label.

This fantastic vintage cocktail tie was my last find in Los Angeles.  I actually purchased this for $2.00 at an Out of the Closet store in Santa Monica the morning before we left to fly back home to Oregon.  

The next few items are thrift finds from nearby where I live in the Rogue Valley of Southern Oregon.  I spotted this novelty print skirt in the swimsuit section.  It's driving me nuts because I was sure my mom had a matching shirt because I swear I have seen this material print before.  The skirt is handmade and is actually too big for me.  I'm waiting to loose some more weight and then I will have it adjusted to fit me properly.  I just love this print!

I spotted this Korea tourist jacket, circa 1980's, at a "as is" Goodwill shop.  There was some loose material under the armpits but it's an easy fix and worth the $1.00 I initially ended up paying for it.  I just love the dragon design on the back.

I'm saving the best for last of course.  If you follow me on Instagram then you may have already seen these.  I was actually at a street fair in downtown Medford with my parents.  We stumbled into an Antiques store that was near the street fair on the request of my Dad.  I bought these capri gold lame' pants for a mere $15!!!  I still cannot believe I purchased them for such a low price.  They are three inches too small but I'm working on it!  I'm eating healthier, cooking a lot more at home and eating out less and working out at gym or doing blogilaties at home at least four to five days a week!  My goal is to wear these pants to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender next year.  I have 11 more months to do it.....and I will!

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