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The Rosenberg Wedding, Eagle Rock, California May 2, 2015

Last weekend Dave and I flew to Los Angeles, CA for the wedding of our two friends Mike and Angie.  I met Angie several years ago when I first attended Tiki Oasis in San Diego and we have been friends ever since.  She was there the same nights that I met my husband Dave and was present (completely by chance) at the Bali Hai when Dave proposed to me.  Because of all her special present moments in my life we were sure to have her marry us when we got married last June.  When she got engaged I had told her I would be happy to pay the favor back by doing the same but luckily they had other plans and I dodged that public humiliation! (I don't do well in front of crowds)

The wedding was held in Eagle Rock, CA at the Women's Twentieth Century Club.  It was a truly beautiful spot to be married and the weather was gorgeous.

The building was vintage Craftsman style and was built in 1915 and considered No. 537 for the City of Los Angeles historic cultural monuments.

Everything was beautifully decorated! And did I already say the weather was beautiful?

The wedding ceremony was held outside in the yard just next to the venue.

And the reception was held inside the beautiful art deco decorated venue.

I loved her coral wedding colors and Polynesian floral choices.

The tables were labeled with Polynesian Islands as opposed to numbers.  Genius!  We sat at the Tonga table section.

This is a beautiful mural of Eagle Rock as it used to be.  My Uncle was telling us that the piece of the rock that looked like an eagle fell off a few years ago.

Their cake was beautiful and delicious!  It came from Porto's in Burbank, CA.

We arrived early to help set up but they didn't end up needing our help so we just sat back and relaxed and roamed around the venue.

I wore a 80's Hawaiian dress I thrifted a few months back.  The flowers in my hair were actually made for me by Angie for my wedding.

Getting there early has some perks as we got to pick out our seats for the ceremony and we got to visit with some of our friends that are mutual friends of Angie and Mike.  Here I am with my friends Natalie and Le'Ana.

Lisa and I.

Natalie and I were the "fan girls". I'm so happy I remembered to pack this as it got hot with all the fun dancing!

Dave with our friends Ken (who was DJing the wedding) and our friend Paul.

I loved that their signature drink was a Mai Tai!  These were dangerously good.

After the rest of the guests arrived we took our seats and it was time to start the wedding.

Here comes the Bride!!!

Angie's daughter Leanna, who was also the Maid of Honor, was so beautiful!

As were the Bride and Groom.

Angie smoochin' her Smoochie (aka Mike)!

Mr. and Mrs. Rosenberg!

I love this action shot!

Ken is ready to put on some good tunes!  I think I was less drunk off the drinks I had then I should have been because I burned it off on the dance floor.

They are too cute!

Everyone breakin' it down on the dance floor!

Cake cutting time!

One last photo of the four of us before we headed home for the evening.

I was so happy to be a part of my friend Angie's big day!  I love her and Mike so much and wish them nothing but the best in their new journey together as husband and wife.

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  1. I love this! What a great overview of a beautiful day! - Nicki (Angie's cousin)

    1. Thank you Nicki! It truly was a wonderful day!

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