Thursday, August 2, 2012


A couple weekends back, Dave and I ventured up to the North County of San Diego to see what vintage and thrift stores they had to offer.  We came across a store in Oceanside call Estate Sale Warehouse that had a ton of goodies.  Among them were some awesome miniature boxes.  I have always had a love of all things miniature.  My dad used to tease you could give a woman anything miniaturized and she would most certainly gush over it.  "Oh look at the wittle baby cannon!"

I love the detailing with the people in the picture frames in this next miniature box I spotted.  I love the needlepoint picture of the shopping diva.  Sorry for my poor picture quality.  A new camera is definitely on my wish list.  Of course I love the miniature jadeite glassware set.

The detailing in this box is amazing.  I love how her jewelry is left on the counter as though she took if off before soaking in the tub. The kitty in the corner is a cute touch too.

I remember neighbors I had, growing up in Los Angeles, that had a few of these similar boxes on display and how I loved to look at them and take in the display.  My grandma had a cute miniature house and years back decided to sell it.  She gave us first pick of any of the miniatures and I remember i took the coke-cola bucket and the anniversary clock.  I know I have them in a memory box somewhere. 

There was an excellent miniatures exhibit at Knott's Berry Farm years ago that I remember had tiny televisions and lamps that actually worked and even had some of the pieces entered into the Guinness Book or Records.  Sadly the exhibit was removed from the park in 1992 and they were unable to find a new stable home.  Below is a great website with their story and links of amazing pictures of their exhibit.

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