Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A Dapper Evening at the Park

Last Friday, after work, Dave and I drove up to Anaheim to attend "A Dapper Evening" at Disneyland.  A Dapper Evening is an unofficial Disney event in which patrons are encouraged to attend the park in "dapper" duds.  It's not centered on a specific time period but more an homage to when park guests would wear their Sunday bests to the park.

I have been looking forward to this event for a while as it was the first time I was able to debut my Great Grandmother's vintage velvet blue pill box hat.  I have had this hat for at least fifteen years but never found an appropriate match for wearing the hat until I stumbled upon a matching blue velvet dress I found at Thrift Trader.  I paid just $4 for the dress.  I wore the velvet black gloves I bought at an estate sale months back, my Great Aunt's pearls (from the 40's), gold lame' purse I bought for $2 at the Koby swap meet a few months back, and black wool cape I also bought at Thrift Trader for $4.  I ended up carrying around the cape as the weather was pretty sweltering to be wearing wool.  Dave wore the $2000 custom Armani suit he thrifted for a measly $19.00, a 40's tie he bought for $5 at an Antiques store, and fedora he bought on a trip up to Burbank.  As always, we had a blast dressing up and seeing all the other patrons who dressed up as well.

We started the evening at Trader Sam's with some yummy tiki drinks.  I had the "Mosquito Mojito".  Yummy indeed!!

Next we headed to check out the Buena Vista area in Disney's California Adventure Park.  We have been looking forward to this for months as we have been waiting to attend the park until the summer crowds die down.  Dave quickly spotted the Packard parked at the front of the park and we made sure to snap a picture in front of it.

We rode the trolley down Hollywood Blvd. (no pictures sorry) and then headed to Carthay's Circle to have a drink at the bar.  I ordered a Hemingway Daiquiri.  Be sure to check this building out when you attend.  So elegant and a very deco in the furnishings.

We then headed to the Disneyland park to meet up with some friends.  We managed to ride Pirates of the Caribbean, the Train, watch the fireworks show, Tea Cups, before meeting up with my friend Natalie to ride the Jungle Cruise.

We sadly had to end the evening  after ridding the Jungle Cruise as the park was scheduled to close at 11pm.  Dave and I said goodbye to our friends before popping in the Grand Californian Hotel to take a few last minute snap shots before heading to the car and driving home to San Diego.

We had a blast but it seemed to go by way too quickly.  It was fun talking to all the strangers that were so confused as to why we were dressed the way we were and explaining to them what "Dapper Day" was.  The spring event was just announced for February 24th for next year.  I'm already scheming of what I might wear next.  Tiki Day is just weeks away and I'm so excited to return to the park, in tiki duds no less.

Till' next time,



  1. It was too quick! I think Lisa & I talked about going to Disney in Ballgowns just because! There is something about dressing up & going to Disney!

  2. I have yet to make it to Dapper Day. I had so many friends go on Friday. It's was fun to look at the pictures on their Facebook Page! Thanks for sharing. You look GREAT in blue :D

    1. Thank you! :) I still cannot believe what a great match the dress was to my hat. Maybe I'll see/meet you at the next Dapper Day event(Feb. 24th)? :)