Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vintage Futon

Last Saturday Dave and I ventured out, once again, to see what vintage goodies we could find.  I was already ridding on adrenaline in anticipation for the "Tiki Day" at Disneyland that I was hosting with my lovely lady friends the following Sunday and needed something to distract me.  What a better distraction then thrifting, of course.  We stopped at few different places but I think this find deserves a blog of its own.

We drove up to the thrift store and I immediately spotted it out in front of the store.  "Look at that couch!!!!" I exclaimed to Dave.  I jumped out of the car before he had even turned the engine off and ran up to examine it closer.  It was a fury of orange, yellows, and brown colors for the cushions and was sitting pretty on a Mid century pegg legged base.  The price tag was $60, which in itself is a steal.  I looked at Dave, looked at the couch, looked at Dave and asked "Should I?" then as we both contemplated where I would put it in my apartement in the first place, we looked off to the side of the couch to see a sign that read "50% off".  That couch was most definitely SOLD!!!  I ran into the store and went straight for the line to purchase my $30.00 mid-century futon. 

There was one lady in line ahead of me so I did my best to wait patiently.  I contemplated whether I should rudely cut into her transaction and let the store clerk know I was going to purchase the couch outside but I thought, no, I could wait a few moments longer.  Just then a woman walks through the door, interrupts them and asks "Do you know if that couch is still for sale outside"....I immediately raise my hand and say "I'm actually in line to purchase that exact couch....sorry".  To think that by a few mere minutes I almost lost my opportunity to buy it!!

I paid for the couch and told the store clerk that we would need to go home to pick my boyfriend's truck in order to get it home as it wouldn't fit in my little Scion.  The clerk said no problem that they would happily hold it for me as I assured her we would be back in less than an hour.

Just then I was approached by the same woman that asked if the couch was still for sale.  She offered to buy the couch off me for $100.  I nicely said, "I'm sorry it's sold".  She tried her best to buy it off me but I wouldn't budge.  Later when we returned to pick up the futon, the store clerk said the same woman offered to give her $150 to buy the couch, even after I had already paid for it.  Crazy right!!

Well after a funny ride home, with me squished up to the front window (don't worry I was still able to get my seat belt on), we got the couch home.  It now sits in my office and will be an excellent spare bed for when I have guests.

This is a picture I took before Dave and I headed to Disneyland for "Tiki Day".  Blog to follow soon!

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