Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Fiesta Ware, Siesta Ware and Lounge Wear...oh my!

These are a few of my finds from late August that I have put off blogging about as I have had many fun adventures to blog about ahead of my thrilling finds.

I was so excited to thrift my first set of Fiesta Ware mugs and pitcher.  After scouring the web for hours I found that my finds were however not vintage, but still a good find.  I love the contrasting colors.  The dead give away that the pitcher was not vintage was the indented mark just behind the upper top handle.  If there is no dent, then it's vintage; dent present, it's then newer. Having said this I still am not sure how old it is.  Anyone have some other guidance to help me out?

I also found these Siesta Ware mugs on the same trip.  Again, I'm not sure how old these are but with my best judgement I would place them sometime between the 60's and 70's. 

Dave spotted this the middle kitty to add to my other kitties purchased at the Koby Swap Meet previously.  Now they are a completed family.  Too cute!  Once again, good eye Dave!  It's amazing how well they match.

Couldn't pass on these Kauai wooden monkey pod mugs.  Yet another great addition to my my ever growing Tiki collection.

I couldn't believe how cute this little creamer was.....with feet..... wearing mary janes!!!  I did some research and found out they are from a British line of dishware called Carlton Walking Ware.  My online research shows that these are from the 1973 line.  So cute!!

AmVets was very good to me on this particular shopping trip as I found a "Lounge Wear" dress by JcPenny, a "Home Wear" dress by Sears, and a pretty freaking awesome home made dress made by ?  I anticipate wearing the teal dress next time I host a party.  That dress would truly be incomplete without a cocktail in hand. 

Hope you all are having a great week.  Just four more days until Tiki Day at Disneyland!!  I'm so incredibly excited.  Blog to follow soon!

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  1. The Fiesta Ware originally from a Virginia Company in the 30s was re-released in 1985.

    Now Siesta ware was in 2 waves, the Tiki line was started in the 50s, then they transgress into a more mod look in the 60s.

    Oh pockets on dresses!!! My love for posckets on dresses <3