Friday, September 28, 2012

Tiki Day at the Park

Aloha!!! "Tiki Day" at Disneyland was Fantastic!  Dave and I had a blast and I was very happy with all the wonderful people who attended.  It was just an awesome positive bunch of people; some who had even travelled from Texas to be at the park for this event.  So amazing!  We started the day early getting into the resort around 10am which was when the California Adventure park opened.  Dave and  I wanted to have a chance to see the Buena Vista area in daylight and walk through the brand new Cars Land area.  We were both thoroughly impressed despite us both not having seen the movie "Cars" yet. (I've heard nothing but good things about it and fully intend to watch it very soon).  We came back to the park to eat dinner here later in the evening.  Two thumbs up!

Our very first event for the day was the group photo in front of the castle at 1pm.  Lots of fantastic tiki gear.

After the photo we all migrated to take a ride on the Jungle Cruise.

Dave and I about to board the tourist boats.

Tiki peeps loaded boat!

The next meet up was at 3pm to ride the Mark Twain.  Here we are conversing and taking a much needed break in the shade before boarding the boat.

These are my lovely lady friends Natalie and Angie that helped in the planning for the event.

Taken at the front of the Mark Twain just before departure.

Taking in the sights and enjoying the slight breeze.

The next meet up was to experience the Enchanted Tiki Room together.  It was a truly magical moment.  My favorite part was when the crowd roared and cheered once the Tiki's started playing the drums.

The last meet up of the day was to meet for tiki drinks at Trader Sam's which is located in the Disneyland Hotel.  It was an awesome close to an even more awesome day.  I look forward to planning next year's annual event.

Till' Next Time,



  1. Such a great time!!!!!
    Is it next year yet?

  2. Great outfits! Sad we missed it, next year!

  3. I love your gorgeous umbrella, dear! Have you seen my vintage umbrella post? Hugs from Miss Maple

    1. Thank you! Yes I did see your blog with the beautiful parasols. They are so much prettier than mine :)

  4. Oh my gosh! This looks like insane fun!!