Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Westwood Village Memorial Park

A few weekends ago, Dave and I drove up to Los Angeles to visit with my relatives that just made the move to California from Ohio.  My dad had told me about a "walk" my Uncle was going to take me on.  It was funny as it was very secretive about where we were going to and what we were going to see.  The walk entailed a stroll through the downtown Westwood area (which was nice and had some very awesome landmarks and vintage stores along the way).  The surprise was we were headed to the Westwood Village Memorial Park which is the resting place of Marilyn Monroe and countless other passing stars.

My Uncle thought it would be more fun for us to stumble upon the marker for Marilyn on our own as opposed to be pointed to where it was.  Below are some pictures from our journey that day:

 Don Knotts was the first recognizable name I spotted.

 Followed by Truman Capote.

It didn't take me long to spot Marilyn's as there were already a few fans camped out taking pictures and kissing the grave. 

 This is the grave spot just to the left of where Marilyn is.  It's currently empty but is owned by Hugh Hefner.

 My Uncle did a great job of giving us a little history on Marilyn's grave.  This gentleman, in the plot above Marilyn's, as per his last will and testament, asked to be buried face down in his coffin.  No I'm not joking I assure you.

 These were a could post-it notes with a few of Marilyn's quotes.

My Uncle said that Joe DiMaggio had set up Marilyn's grave to receive a fresh set of flowers weekly, even in the case of his own death.  I'm not sure if it was these roses or the ones in the picture below.

 My Uncle educating us on Marilyn's final resting spot and the surrounding markers.

 The next set of photos are pretty self explanatory.  They are just other recognizable names I came across throughout the park.

 I thought this grave marker was quite interesting.  I noticed that the park contained several Iranian gravestones including this gentleman who was one of the first Iranian directors of his time.

 We walked around the park for close to an hour and ended up eating dinner at a very cool spot called "The Stand".  They had some very excellent root beer on draft.   Walking through the memorial park and having dinner with my relatives was just a reminder about how sweet and short life can be.  Keep your loved ones close and always let them know how much you love them!  I ended up meeting two lovely ladies (Nancy and Pam) who very nicely complimented me on my style.  It turns out there were vintage buyers (my dream job!!).

The pictures below are of the Fox Theatre where in 1974 my dad  met Groucho Marx in the lobby at the "re-release premiere" of the movie "Coconuts".  This is also where my Uncle saw Paul McCartney in person.

Labor Day marks the end to summer.  Inconceivable!!!  I've had a fantastic summer filled with many, many fun adventures and I have many more ahead of me before the end of the year to look forward to.  Many more thrift blogs to follow soon.

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  1. We need to visit the Glendale Cemetery where Walt Disney & others are buried. It is quite amazing as well. Oh Marilyn :( <3