Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Grand National Roadster Show 2013

Last month Dave, friends, and I attended the Annual Grand National Roadster Show located in Ponoma, California.  This is Dave's favorite car show and I have a feeling it will become a tradition for us to attend every year.  There is a lot to look at, cars, bands, vendors, etc.  We always manage to spend a whole day there and still feel like there was more to see.  Dave is lucky I like looking at cars.  I feel like they are just as important to viewing into our past as clothing fashions are.  I took several pictures and had several favorites.  Below are just a portion of the pictures I took that day.

This car was amazing as it was in complete original condition.  Meaning paint, interior, and all exterior were as they were the day the car was first purchased.  I especially loved the travel souvenir stickers on the windows.

This year's theme was Tiki!!!  There were lots of tiki related displays and even Hawaiian dancers.  They had one show room that was just filled with nothing but Woodie cars.

I also made a point to stop in Doug Horne's art booth and say hi!  I purchased two really cool tiki themed Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein prints to be put up at Halloween.  He noticed and complimented my Tiki Tony Murphy necklace I was wearing.  Be sure to check out his website featuring his amazing artwork.

I wore a repro tiki themed circle skirt and vintage sweater.  The skirt was a killer thrifting find which I was lucky enough to come across just one week prior to the event. Talk about timing!

I want want want all the below props, especially that tiki bar.

The Beatles fan in me absolutely loved this "Yellow Submarine" two in one boat and trailer.

Here's a closer shot of my tiki circle skirt.

Dave was way excited about this car.  I love his face in this picture.

This was my favorite car of the day.  Totally Jetsons' style with the bubbled window.

Check out that steering wheel!

This was my second favorite.  The owner pieced together this beauty for his wife.  So sweet!

The push button door opener was different but cool.


Dave and I with the Suavecito mascot.

Till' Next Time,


  1. So many beautiful cars! And your skirt is TO DIE FOR!!! I love it!!


  2. That skirt is AMAZING! I'm always hopeful I will find a great circle skirt while thrifting. That looks like a great car show.

  3. What a fun post!! That show looks like great fun...I'll have to go next year.
    I'm a big Doug Horne fan...I met him at Viva last year and he is super nice! I hope he'll be there again this year.
    That skirt, my dear, is bleeping AMAZING! Yes I'm yelling because I love it that much!!! Does it have a label? I'd love to know who made it :-)

  4. Thanks ladies! The brand on the skirt is "Basil & Maude". I saw a couple similar skirts listed on eBay if you were insterested in having one for yourselves. It's definitely one of my favortie finds!