Monday, February 18, 2013

The Kimberly Crest House

About a year ago, Dave and I drove up to Redlands, CA, which is his hometown, to spend the day roaming around town, seeing where Dave grew up, and of course thrifting.  We had made plans to take a tour of the Kimberly Crest House but the tours had ended for the day when we arrived.  We decided to make a trip back last month to finally take the tour of this magnificent Victorian mansion. 

The house was built in 1897 and took just six weeks to build.  It's surrounded by many gardens, a citrus grove, angelic statues and fountains, and a carriage house. The house is actually named after it's second owners the Kimberly family who were at the time successful owners of the paper company Kimberly-Clark.  It remained their home for the next 75 years. 

Unfortunately we were unable to take pictures of the inside.  It contained much of the original furnishings which were patterned and styled after designs similar to that of Louis XV and XVI.  The home itself is actually not a California owned landmark but rather owned by the "people of Redlands".    The Kimberly-Shirk Association is responsible for preserving the estate as well as keeping the history alive. 

We were told that the attic has yet to be completely explored and contains many pieces of art, furniture, etc. that have not been touched for more than 100 years.  They are always discovering new pieces to add to and place out on display.  Boy oh boy do I wish I could spend a day in there just discovering all the wonder it holds!  They offer guided tours Thursday through Sunday 1-4pm.  Be sure to check it out if you are ever in the area.

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  1. That house is gorgeous! It always amazes me that there is some much history in the San Bernandino and Riverside counties.