Thursday, February 7, 2013

Thrift Blog: January 2013

The following are my vintage purchases for January 2013:
I found this tiki at a local thrift store.  I love the fact that he seems to be holding a four leafed clover. 
I found this cute Atenti purse for next to nothing in price.  The camping pin up pattern is too cute. 

These are vases were likely made in the 1940's around the time the Disney feature film "Bambi" was released.  There are no markings to confirm if they are Disney products but cute and purchase worthy regardless. 

I found this gold basket at the Long Beach Antiques Market.  I'm kicking myself for not buying the matching Kleenex box cover I spotted later.  I'm currently using this to hold my sunglasses in my vanity.
The next two photos are an accumulated picture of my recent bangle purchases.  The two in the top row of the photo below are not vintage but cute regardless.  I bought the faceted yellow Lucite one, green Bakelite spacer, and green Lucite bangles at the Long Beach Antiques Market.

I have been having luck finding bamboo bangles lately.  I think I now have plenty! (as in enough)

This gray beaded vintage sweater is yet another Long Beach Antiques Market find.

This yellow fleck blazer was purchased at a local thrift store.  I'm looking forward to piecing it together for an outfit soon.

I was hoping to find one of these Norway sweaters for Christmas but ended up finding one after the holidays.  I guess I'll just have to save it for next fall.
Cute flower pewter buttons.


This it my final item purchased in January.  It's a vintage 1960's short set or jumper.  It too was purchased at the Long Beach Antiques Market for a really great price.  I know it's 60's (rather than 50's) but I was thinking of bringing it to Las Vegas for Viva.

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  1. Wow did you score this month! I love Tiki! I haven't been fortunate enough to find Tiki themed items. People are really into cowboy and rustic out here.
    That short romper is totally cute and looks great on you.

  2. Awesome finds!! I love that tiki (naturally!) and the beaded sweater, especially. It's funny that you've found so many bamboo bangles...I've been looking for some for a little while and I've found nuthin' !

  3. The bag, the bangles, the cardigans, the many great finds!!