Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thrift Blog: February 2013

February brought lots of great finds.  Dave and I have however been very good about not thrifting for the past three weeks.  We need, need, need to save money for the upcoming wedding and honeymoon.  It's truly going to be hard for us thrifting addicts, but it's got to be done. 

I found these glass buoy's at a thrift store in Long Beach, CA.  My only regret is that I didn't purchase the third orange buoy.  I didn't have enough cash for all three and didn't try to bargain with the seller.  On our way back to the car a couple was excited to see Dave and I carrying them and asked where we purchased them.  We pointed them in the right direction so I can only assume the third one was bought up.

How could anyone pass on a tuxedo suited redhead chap decanter?

Yet another carved wooden bangle, cute gold cowboy boot earrings and parrot enamelled vintage cigarette case (to be used as a business card case).  I bought the case at the bi-monthly Frock You sale from Donnaland.

This DeWeese Design dress was bought in Long Beach, CA.  It has built in bra and straps that are comparable to what a swim suit would be made of.  The dress itself is from the 70's and fits me like a T! 

As much as I love the DeWeese Design dress, this Ui-Maikai dress is my favorite find.  I found it right here in San Diego and ended up purchasing the matching shirt for Dave online as an early birthday gift.  He is actually very excited to wear it as a set soon.  Gees I'm one lucky gal to be with a guy that will actually be excited about wearing matching Hawaiian clothes!

I have been wanting one of these saddle purses for quite some time.  This was purchased at the bi-monthly Frock You sale as well.

This etched glass pitcher with stirrer was a great find and is in excellent condition.

I'm not sure how rare these are to find but I figured since it came all the way from Disney World, Florida (on the other side of the country from California) it was a worthy great tiki find.  I couldn't figure out if they still sell these at the resort or not. Anyone know?

I have been on the search for a hat box and this was the closest I have come to finding one while thrifting.  It has many compartments so I'm not sure that it was originally designed to be a hat box but will do just fine to help store some of my beauties I have collected over the years. 

What were some of your awesome finds for the month?

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  1. They still sell that Polynesian Resort tiki mug. I have a dozen of them or so myself.
    They are the perfect size for dark and stormies which is what we make in them .

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