Monday, February 4, 2013

Long Beach Antique Market

A few weeks back Dave and I plus friends visited the Long Beach Antique Market.  It is held every third Sunday of each month at the Veteran's Stadium.  This is a huge market!  We felt like we still had a couple rows of vendors to look at before calling it a day.  It was also an unusually warm winter day; that mixed with the heat reflecting off the black top made it an easy decision to leave when we did so. 
I ended up purchasing a few items (to be featured in my January Thrift Blog) but was actually frustrated with some of the vendors as they were not willing to haggle with price at all.  I suppose I need to work on that myself in the future.  Below are pictures of Dave and I checking out some treasures (most of which were out of our price range all together but picture worthy regardless).
 Who doesn't need an wooden Elvis clock.  At $40, I think I'll actually have to pass.
Dave doing his "The Artist" movie impression. 

Beautiful Rattan furniture!!

Vintage radios.  I love the green one in the middle.

Awesome Moss lamps.  I want, I want, I want!!

There was a television crew there filming what seemed to be like a TLC thrift selling show.  I did not recognize the blond host (as I don't have cable) and didn't get any better pictures.  Just funny to run across this while shopping.

Bakelite galore!

It was really crowded, despite what the pictures show.  I wish I had more pictures to share but I was a bit overwhelmed making sure I looked at everything that I could while dodging the crowds.
We ended the day in Huntington Beach with drinks and an early dinner at Don the Beachcomber's. There was a Reggae Fest going on so we were also treated to some cool live music.
We definitely have plans to return to the flea market but will make a point to get there earlier in the future.  We have plans to visit the Rosebowl San Bernadino market as well as the Topanga Vintage Market when time is permitting.

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  1. Lucky you! I hate that everything in Northern Nevada is seasonal. I found out there's a flea market in Reno but it's only open during Spring and Summer.
    Can't wait to see what you bought.

  2. I haven't been to the Long Beach flea market yet. The last time I went to the Rose Bowl I was really annoyed by the vendors. Really unwilling to negotiate on price at all! There were also some really rude ones that kept asking Fernando, who was texting, if he was taking pictures. Finally he asked why he was being asked that. The vendor said its cuz people take pictures to copy the item. I was really put off by everyone and didn't buy a thing.

    1. I have a feeling Ebay and the internet have hurt the vintage selling market more than it has helped. I guess now all secrets are out and able to be googled. :(