Thursday, August 9, 2012

Dressing Up!

Dave and I love to have any excuse to dress up for any occasion and we have had various events in the past few weeks and next few weeks to do so.  Here are just a few pictures of us getting prim and proper for the occasion at hand.

A few weeks back, my sister and her fiance' Jeff tied the knot on Coronado Island over looking the San Diego bay.  It was a gorgeous day and of course an excellent excuse to get dressed up.  I was actually given the dress I wore that day from my very gracious friend Rosalynn.  Indeed it was perfect and it gave me an excuse to buy and wear a crinoline slip.

Here's a picture of Dave and I dressed up.  Dave is such a great dresser with a fantastic taste in vintage clothing. 

My sister picked out a very gorgeous 50's inspired knee length ivory dress.  She was a very beautiful bride shown here walking down the aisle with my mom.  My dad (who's not pictured) contributed by playing his ukulele for the bride's entrance.

Dave and I attended a Big Bad Voodoo Daddy show at Anthology in downtown San Diego last Saturday night.  I had seen them years ago in Modesto when I lived in the Central Valley but this was Dave's first time seeing them live.  They did not disappoint and we got a taste of some of their new songs off their 9th released record.  This, of course,inspired a viewing of the movie "Swingers" the moment we got home.  Here we are pictured before our evening began.

I thrifted my dress a while back for a very reasonable price; I think I paid around  $4 for it.  I'm a sucker for any chiffon styled garments. 

Once again, Dave impresses with his choice of wear for the evening.

I got to debut my lovely hairpiece as shown in a previous blog made by my friend Natalie. 

Great venue, great music, great drinks, great fun!

Till' next time,



  1. Hello dear =)
    I just found your blog now and I'm loving it.
    You're beautiful and I love your blue dress!
    I also have a blog, so if you want to take a peek and want to follow my page, feel it is a pleasure.

    P.S.Sorry my bad English.

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3

  2. Hi Susie! Thank you for the lovely compliments! I would definitely love to follow your blog. What part of Portugal are you from? My family is originally from the Maderas Islands. I'm actually 1/4 Portuguese :)

    - Suz

  3. You welcome hunny and thank you so much for follow my blog too =)
    I'm from Arruda dos Vinhos, about 30 km from Lisbon!
    Oh I've never been to the Maderas Islands, but I loved!
    You are very friendly baby, thanks =)

    With love
    Miss Lil'Susie <3