Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012

Last year I got to experience a taste of the Annual Tiki Oasis event, which takes place here in San Diego, CA.  I made sure that this year I wouldn't miss out and purchased a pass to attend the festivities Thursday through Saturday.  I will do my best to keep my descriptions short as I have a lot of pictures to share.  It was hard deciding on these few amongst the over 150 pictures I took.

Day 1 - Dave and I are all dressed up and ready for the opening Tiki Oasis kick off gathering at the Bali Hai. 

Here I am with my good lady friends Angie and Natalie.  They are also my partners in planning the Annual Tiki Day event.

Day 2 - Every year they have a new display set up in the front lobby of the hotel.  This year's theme was "Agent".

It turned out that my need for a haircut and my stylists availability landed perfectly on a day of Tiki Oasis. I figured  I would have her help style my hair since I was already getting it cut.  This picture does not do it justice and I failed to get a good picture of the back.

Day 3 -   I scored this jumpsuit at the bi-monthly Frock you sale and was super excited to wear it for the event.  


Dave and I at the car show.

I got to meet Josh Agle of Shag, and he graciously signed  my copy of "Tiki Drinks". 

The Marketplace had a ton to awesome goodies.  I loved these variations of tiki furniture.  They are on my wish list for the future.

 Fantastic tiki bar, also added to my wish list.

There were plenty of dresses and shirts on sale.

The all mighty Tiki idol bar.  Every year they have a different one.

Packed pool. 

I decided that my "Agent" themed costume item would be more villainesque.  Found this book at  Good Will a month ago.

View of the main stage, from a room party, while Thee Swank Bastard's preformed.

Tiki Agent!

 Kate Flannery, of the Office, was there to perform with her duo group "The Lampshades".  They are a essentially a comedic take on a drunk loud mouthed lounge act.

 Angie and I were sitting pool side listening to the bands when guess who popped his head over to say hi.  Charles Phoenix!  We jumped up to say hi and made sure to pose for a picture with him.

 Day 4 was the last minute shopping day at the marketplace.  I bought a few mugs that will be in my next thrift blog. 

 Awesome Tiki art.

We had a blast and now we are just 358 days away until Tiki Oasis 2013.  I heard next year's theme will be hulabilly.  I already have some great ideas hatching. 

Till' next time,



  1. This year will be fantastic! I can not wait to start planning props for next year's theme ;)

  2. I'm so jealous! I love tropicana and Tiki style! Wonderful! xx

  3. OMG I am so sad that I missed it! I'll have to go next year, for sure!!
    Thanks so much for sharing your pix so I can live vicariously...
    That furniture booth is amazing...I would (almost) kill for that couch :-)

  4. dear suz, you are so creative i could die! i could browse through your blog for hours. love your dress here a lot!

    Stop Whispering

    1. You are too nice. I still consider myself the "new kid on the block" when it comes to blogging but I will graciously accept your compliment. :)

  5. um, beware, I am going to steal that jumpsuit when you are sleeping! to friggin cute!