Monday, August 27, 2012

Tiki Oasis 2012 Goodies

Here are some of the goodies I picked up at Tiki Oasis 2012  this year.  Below is a souvenir program for the event, Tikiyaki Orchestra CD, Tikiyaki hotel styled key chain, and octopus cameo styled broach.  The Tikiyaki Orchestra were the opening band for the first night and I have been looking forward to seeing them live for a while now.  They did not disappoint opening the show with their rendition (a very good one at that) of the 007 James Bond theme song.  Youtube it if you have time.  Love the CD and even recognize a couple of the songs they played at the show.

I had the honor of briefly meeting Josh Agle (aka Shag) at the Shag booth in the Tiki Oasis Marketplace this year.   The funny story is that I patiently waited in line, said hello to Josh, picked out the book I was going to purchase and have him sign, took a picture and walked away.   A few moments later I realized I did not pay for the book!!  Having the heavy conscience I have, I quickly returned to the booth, apologized having realized I had not paid for the book.  The girl helping him run the booth seemed she had completely forgotten as well and was very gracious I had returned.

My next find and purchase was this little ditty.  A vintage Disneyland ashtray (which I intend to use either as a cup holder or jewelry dish).  I couldn't pass it up.

I intend to make a tradition of purchasing a new mug at Oasis every year.  These were the two I settled on purchasing as I do not have any of this shape or size and loved that they were Californian (Marina Del Rey).

Dave and I wrapped up the weekend by having dinner at Wang's in North Park.  We were both very impressed with their food and drinks.  They even offer purchase of the below Tiki Farm mugs for an additional $4 on top of what you already pay for the drinks.  Pretty good deal.

That's it for now folks.  Had a nice weekend including a hike and visit with family in Los Angeles.  I have some more blogs in store for you including a surprise trip to see my uncle's "neighbors" while I was in Los Angeles over the weekend.

Till' next time,


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