Monday, August 6, 2012

Various Thrifting Goodies

I have dragged my feet once again on doing my thrift specific blogs.  This one is an accumulation of goodies given to me and goodies I found in the last three weeks.  My parents were in town visiting a few weeks ago for my sister's wedding and my mom brought me these goodies.

I had asked my mom about a tiki dress I remember her wearing in a family picture taken of us at a family reunion years and years ago.  My dad's side of the family is from Hawaii so it wasn't uncommon for us to have Hawaiian themed reunions when we all got together.  I love this dress so much, but my hips will never squeeze into it.  I'm holding onto it for now and will think of something to do with it in the future.

She also brought along a vintage men's shirt (formerly my dad's) which I promptly had Dave try on and it fits!  He will be sporting it one of the nights we attend Tiki Oasis a few weeks from now.
These vintage slips were also some goodies my mom brought for me.  They fit and yes I will use them!

The following are goodies I came across at the North County thrift stores.  I snagged these two parcels of fabric which I'm planning to use in some dress making projects with a friend very shortly.  I will definitely blog about the process as it's been a very long time since I have sew anything together.

Hard to pass on this vintage beaded top.  Would be great paired with some skinny jeans and high heels.

Yet another great parasol to add to my ever growing collection.  Loved the pink with the blue.  I found this cigar box purse and was sold by the interior and tiny mirror accessory alone.  I would like to take off the surgeon generals warning however.  Anyone have any suggestions for taking stickers off wood without damaging it?

The following were Good Will finds.  Ecstatic to find the entire set of brown Pyrex bowl set in great condition.  The San Diegopoly game is cute.  Just like Monopoly but inserted with San Diego stores and businesses.  Great marketing tool.

I was happy to find these two matching glove and handkerchief boxes.  I do have a few vintage handkerchiefs that were hand stitched by my great grandmother, on my mother's side, and now they have a great storage box to go it other than my sock drawer.

This purse was a great buy for just $3.00.  It was a little dirty but cleaned up quickly once I took it home and put some elbow grease into it.  Never shy away from a purchase if it's a little dirty.  You can easily bring it back to life with some hot water and soap!
That's it for now.  Dave and I had a great weekend!  We barbecued with the car club on Friday night, thrifted and saw Big Bad Voodoo Daddy on Saturday, and Sunday Dave worked on his car while I helped a friend pick out a veil for her wedding.  Blog to follow soon.  Fun fun weekend but it sure did go by too quickly!

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  1. Great finds!
    BTW, That book "Candy Girl" is a fun & fascinating read! Don't know if you know it, but the author, Diablo Cody, went on to be the creator of the movie "Juno". Now she's a big Hollywood player, but back when she wrote the book she was just a student (and a stripper!).

  2. She also is the mind behind the show "State of Tara" starring Toni Collette. I remember seeing her interviewed about this book years ago on Letterman and thought it would be a good read and was a steal of a price for just $1.00!